Hippy Affirmation Day 21

I focus on what is possible.

I Focus On What Is Possible.When I think of this affirmation the word “can” comes to mind.  There are times when I hear the dialogue in my head coming up with reasons that I can’t do something. A recent good example of this happening is that I am planning to sell my jewelry at a craft fair. I haven’t even done the research on what I need to do or even what events are available.

Yet, I am trying to talk myself out of it by asking myself these kinds of questions:

What if I go through all the work and people don’t want to buy my jewelry?

Do I really want to go through the let down of people looking at my jewelry then passing it up?

My thoughts are going to what is not possible not what is possible. I am believing that I can’t be successful before I have even tried. Some might call this thinking self-sabotage. Whatever it is called, if I believe that I can’t then I probably won’t. Right now I am turning my thinking around. I now tell myself that I can be successful and that it is very possible that I will go through all the work and people will want to buy my jewelry. Realistically, there will probably be some people who will pass my jewelry up. I don’t need to take that personally. I don’t want fear of feeling let down prevent me from making an attempt to make this happen.

Is there something that your inner dialogue is telling yourself you can’t do? Perhaps you can examine what it is that is keeping you in that mode of thinking. Discovering what holds you back can help you change your thinking about doing it. It might then be beneficial to tell yourself that whatever it is that you want to do is possible. Simply replacing the can’t thoughts with can thoughts is a very powerful exercise.

By focusing on what can happen not what can’t happen we can give ourselves the encouragement that we need to attempt what seems like the impossible thereby making it possible.

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One comment on “Hippy Affirmation Day 21
  1. R. T. says:

    You never know what you can do until you try. If you don’t try something then you will always feel like you should have but didn’t. Feeling like you could have but didn’t is worse than doing something and failing.

    That is how I feel about going to law school. I would have felt less about myself if I didn’t try. Not going because I felt that I would fail would have been worse than going and failing even if I was pretty certain that I wouldn’t excel at it.

    It never hurts to try (unless you are jumping off a cliff or something like that).

    Another way is to just not dwell on it. Find somewhere else to put your mind as you are doing it Someone will buy, then you will feel better. Or look at it as an experiment. You will get a better idea of what people want.