5 Benefits Of Listening To Binaural Beats

Benefits of Listening to Binaural BeatsBinaural beats have many positive benefits that have made them a hot topic lately.

If you’re just now hearing about binaural beats and are curious about trying them, this information will be of great use to you in making a decision.

What exactly are binaural beats? 

Binaural beats are brainwave entrainment/ synchronization. This basically means that sound at one frequency plays in one ear while sound at another frequency plays in the other ear. This encourages brainwaves to align to the frequency of a given beat.

Why is this process helpful? 

The bi beats, as I like to call them, cause the brain to enter a specific state. These states can benefit us in a good number of positive ways.

How do you listen to binaural beats?

Listening to binaural beats is easy. All that you need is a cell phone with the YouTube app or a binaural beats app downloaded onto it and headphones or earphones. It is necessary to listen with headphones to recieve the benefits using this therapy. A comfortable place to sit or lie down is also necessary. On YouTube or other app you can choose from many binaural beats videos for various lengths of time and various types designed to help with sleep, depression, anxiety, meditation, post-traumatic stress disorder, self-connection, etc.

I highly recommend listening to binaural beats and these are the reasons why. 

1 –  To promote relaxation by lowering stress and anxiety

2 – To increase focus and concentration

3 – To create positive moods

4 – To promote creativity

5 – To help with sleep and pain

Considering these awesome benefits who wouldn’t want to try binaural beats? Do you? If you do, let me know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.



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