Hippy Affirmation Day 22

I am my choices.

I Am My Choices.The power of choiceIt’s awesome. It’s frightening. What if I make the wrong choice? What if my choice has horrible consequences? Unfortunately, a wrong choice with bad consequences is likely to happen sometime in our lives. We have to accept that that is part of the process of choosing or we might decide not to choose (which in itself is a choice). The point is that we are always making choices whether intentionally or through default by not choosing.

Our choices make us who we are. Each choice has an effect that we cannot avoid being affected by. What we choose to eat is an obvious example. The nutrients or lack of nutrients that we consume affects every system of the body and especially our minds. With exercise, if we choose to lay about being a “couch potato” rather than exercising then we become a weak, lazy individual. Utmost  in importance is the choices we make in our thinking. Choosing to think uplifting loving thoughts helps to make us more peaceful loving people. Of course, thinking hateful unloving thoughts helps to make us more hostile unloving people.

Think about your choices before you choose (every single one of them). Are you creating the person that you want to be? How can you change your choices? It’s all in the decision-making that makes the difference between being a different person, if that is what you want for yourself.

P.S. I used an image of the wheat grass that my fiance and I have been growing because it is one choice of food that we have made for healthier bodies and minds.

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11 Hippie Signs And Symbols That Everyone Needs To Know

11 Hippie Signs And Symbols That Everyone Needs To Know

Hippie symbols that promote spiritual balance and healing.

Hippie signs and symbols are primarily
spiritual because hippies are generally interested in spiritual matters.

All hippy signs and symbols are about achieving peace and balance in one way or another. Communion with nature or spirit is inherent and they come from a variety of spiritual traditions.

Easily, any one or more of these symbols can be found in the home of a hippie. Jewelry with these symbols is prolific especially with the symbol as a pendant/amulet.

Flower of Life

Flower of LifeThe flower of life contains all the patterns of creation within it thus providing the underlying structure of life. Its complex series of circles is similar to the molecular patterns that form in crystals. Historically, its representation can be found as far back as the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt. It has also been found in Phoenicia, Assyria, India, Asia, and the Middle East. New Age adherents believe that it symbolizes connection with the Universe on a soul level, a portal to other dimensions and worlds and alignment of energies with a higher vibration.

Spiral of Life
Spiral of LIfe Triskele TriskelionThe spiral of life is Celtic and pre-Celtic. Examples of it are found etched in the stone in the Newgrange site from the Bronze Age in Ireland. It has been a consistent symbol in Celtic art. The Celts know it as the triskele. The spiral is a largely positive symbol. As Christianity took on significance in the 5th century, A.D., it came to represent the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Christians of Celtic descent continue to use it as a symbol of faith. In general, it represents eternity, change, and movement of the universe.


Tree of Life
Tree of Life
The tree of life is found in a number of different cultures and religions across the world (including Turkish, European, Chinese, and Norse culture, as well as, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islamic Faith, and Jewish Mysticism). In Christianity the tree of life is found in both Genesis and Revelations. In cultural and spiritual traditions it has healing and life-giving properties. The tree of life is a symbol of the interconnection of all life and connection to all the elements (air, earth, fire and water).

This symbol is essentially a 5-sided pentagram with a circle around it. During the Enlightenment Pythagoras assigned the elements earth, water, air, and fire to the four lower points and spirit to the topmost point.  This arrangement indicates the correct ordering of the world, with material things subject to spirit. The symbol has been used in ancient Chinese and Japanese religions, and in Japanese and Ancient Babylonian culture. It is well-known as a Wicca symbol and to wear it is to say that you respect the earth.
Lotus Flower

Lotus FlowerThe lotus flower is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. Its symbolism derives from the fact that it emerges from muddy waters and blooms clean and pure. Hindus often used it as an example of divine beauty with unfolding petals that suggest the expansion of the soul. The lotus flower in Buddhism represents enlightenment as adherents journey out of the darkness into transformation. It also emphasizes the importance of detachment and purity of the body, speech, and mind as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire.

Om Symbol
Om SymbolOm originated from Hinduism but is now common to Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism. It is also written as Aum. In the Hindu Mandukya Upanishad, “Om is the one eternal syllable of which all that exists is but the development. The past, the present, and the future are all included in this one sound, and all that exists beyond the three forms of time is also implied in it”. The sound of Om is used as a mantra in meditation to reach deeper levels of meditation.

Ahnk Symbol
The ahnk is an Egyptian symbol that appears in the hands or near almost all Egyptian deities found in archaeological digs from Mesopotamia to Persia. In tomb paintings gods are depicted with ahnks conferring life on dead mummies. The ahnk was often carried by Egyptians as an amulet. The ahnk symbol is also used to represent the planet Venus. It’s meaning is eternal life and regeneration. Today, it is often carried by people as a sign of eternal life and spiritual wisdom.

The hamsa is ancient going as far back as Mesopotamia and Carthage. It is quite common in the Middle East – found in both Arabic and Hebrew culture. The Hamsa is the Arabic word for “five” and represents the five digits of the hand of God. The hamsa hand is spelled many different ways (hamesh, hamsa, chamsa, and khamsa). In all religions and cultures it is a protective amulet. Included in the hamsa symbolism is an eye. It’s purpose is to ward off evil directed at the wearer. Wearing the hamsa also brings good fortune onto the owner.

Peace Sign
Peace SignIn the 1950s the peace sign was designed as the logo for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. An American university student, Philip Altbach, who was an active member of the Student Peace Union at the University of Chicago had a heap of the Nuclear Disarmament buttons shipped over to the United States, after talking the Student Peace Union into adopting the symbol. Thereafter the sign represented a wider “peace” message and was also adopted by anti-war and counterculture activists in the US and elsewhere.

Smiley Face
Happy Face
The original version of the smiley face was created by Harvey Ross Ball. Originally made in 1963 as a morale booster for The State Mutual Life Assurance Company it was used on posters, buttons, and signs. It was not trademarked or copyrighted at the time. In the early 1970s, brothers Bernard and Murray Spain, used the image, added the slogan “Have a Happy Day” then copyrighted the new version in 1971. By the end of the year more than 50 million buttons sold with countless other products. Of course, it’s meaning is apparent. Be happy.

Yin Yang
Yin Yang Symbol
The concept of yin and yang originates in ancient Chinese philosophy and metaphysics.  The symbol represent the primal opposing and complementary forces found in all things in the universe. Yin, the darker element, is passive, dark, feminine, downward-seeking, and corresponds to the night. Yang, the brighter element, is active, light, masculine, upward-seeking and corresponds to the day. The yin yang is a spiritual reminder that balance between the light and the darkness provides the most helpful approach to living a meaningful life.

Can you think of any other hippie signs and symbols? Do you have anything to add to the descriptions next to the symbols in this article? Please comment. I would love to hear your answers.

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Hippy Affirmation Day 21

I focus on what is possible.

I Focus On What Is Possible.When I think of this affirmation the word “can” comes to mind.  There are times when I hear the dialogue in my head coming up with reasons that I can’t do something. A recent good example of this happening is that I am planning to sell my jewelry at a craft fair. I haven’t even done the research on what I need to do or even what events are available.

Yet, I am trying to talk myself out of it by asking myself these kinds of questions:

What if I go through all the work and people don’t want to buy my jewelry?

Do I really want to go through the let down of people looking at my jewelry then passing it up?

My thoughts are going to what is not possible not what is possible. I am believing that I can’t be successful before I have even tried. Some might call this thinking self-sabotage. Whatever it is called, if I believe that I can’t then I probably won’t. Right now I am turning my thinking around. I now tell myself that I can be successful and that it is very possible that I will go through all the work and people will want to buy my jewelry. Realistically, there will probably be some people who will pass my jewelry up. I don’t need to take that personally. I don’t want fear of feeling let down prevent me from making an attempt to make this happen.

Is there something that your inner dialogue is telling yourself you can’t do? Perhaps you can examine what it is that is keeping you in that mode of thinking. Discovering what holds you back can help you change your thinking about doing it. It might then be beneficial to tell yourself that whatever it is that you want to do is possible. Simply replacing the can’t thoughts with can thoughts is a very powerful exercise.

By focusing on what can happen not what can’t happen we can give ourselves the encouragement that we need to attempt what seems like the impossible thereby making it possible.

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Hippy Affirmation Day 20

Today I will speak positively.

Today I Will Speak Positively

In Hippy Affirmation Day 19 I focused on thinking positively. I postulated that first we need to think positively before we can speak positively. Thinking and speaking are inextricably linked. Think about it by trying this exercise. Try to say something without thinking about it. You can’t, can you?

Thinking positively means to expect good and favorable results.When you think positively you are prepared for health, happiness and a good ending in any situation. With this type of mindset you can create the life you want and need. Speaking positively is an essential part of this process.

Most of us are largely unaware of what words we choose and why we choose them. Essentially, we usually use words that we have been trained to use. Our speech is a behavior inherited from our family of origin or the people who influenced us as we were growing up. It is time to evaluate our speech to ferret out the words that are working against us – meaning those that keep us from creating the best for us.

What does it mean to speak positively? It is the structure of our words that help us to get the things we need the most out of life. To speak positively we want to ask ourselves these questions:

  1. What words do I choose and why do I choose them?
  2. What emotions result from the words that I choose?
  3. Are my words mostly positive or negative?

I encourage you to ask yourself these questions then adjust your language if necessary. Observe how your life changes – including how you feel about life.

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Black, Green & Gold Lampwork Glass Bead Murano Pendant Set

Murano Black Gold And Green Necklace Braclet And Earring Set

Red and Gold Lampwork Glass Bead Murano Pendant Set

Beautifully coordinated variant shapes of lampwork beads and dichoric glass pendant.

Sometimes you just have to make something that is not so matchy matchy that becomes something funky. This set has elements that match as far as color goes and that it is made of glass beads and a glass pendant. But, it does go askew a bit with beads that have various shapes and style. Yet, it works and works well.

Necklace is made of various lampwork gold and black beads, green and copper e beads, gold bugle beads and a lovely black, green, brown and gold leaf-shaped dichoric glass pendant. It measures with toggle clasp 24″ in length with a pendant that is 2 3/4″ in length and 1 1/2″ in width. Total length with pendant is 26 3/4″. Bracelet is a stretch bracelet with the same types of beads as the necklace. It is 7″ in length. Earrings that are also made of lampwork glass beads, gold bugle beads and green and gold e beads measure 2″ in length and 1/4″ in width.

An original one-of-a-kind necklace and earring set hand-crafted by artisan Angela Star.


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Hippy Affirmation Day 19

Today I will think positively.

Today I Will Think Positively.In Hippy Affirmation Day 18 I recommended that we not say one negative word to people during our encounters with them as a way to radiate positive vibes and spread good energy. I want to follow up with this affirmation that recommends thinking positively. As words follow from thoughts, the next affirmation after this one will focus on speaking positively.

How do we think positively? Most of us do not pay attention to the thoughts that we think. I guess you could say that we are on automatic pilot. We go about our day with all kinds of thoughts buzzing around our heads. We need to be aware of the thoughts that we are thinking. If we are not aware of what the thoughts are that we are thinking then our moods can easily be ruled by them.

How else can we think positively? We can avoid labeling or judging our thoughts. By learning not to judge them we are training ourselves to let go of judging in general. Judging can be a very negative activity that stands in the way of positive thinking. Deepak Chopra wrote a book called The Ultimate Happiness Prescription: 7 Keys to Joy and Enlightenment. 

The Ultimate Happiness Prescription

Click Here to order The Ultimate Happiness Prescription by Deepak Chopra

One of the exercises that he talks about in this book is going through your whole day without judging. This means no judging whatsoever. You don’t judge your thoughts, yourself, your circumstances, other people, outside events. Nothing. I’ve tried it. It’s not so easy. I find it to be a very good exercise.

Then there is having a positive dialogue with yourself. Most all of us talk to ourselves. Psychologists believe that it is normal. Are you aware of the thoughts you think in your conversations with yourself? Are they positive dialogues? Let’s hope they are not opportunities to be hurtful and harmful to yourself. I know all about this negative activity of the mind. I used to be this way. Sometimes I am still this way.

I’ve recommended meditation before. I can’t say enough about it since it can help you be more aware of your thoughts. It’s also a good practice for helping us learn how to slow down thinking and change thinking.

Keep your awareness on your thoughts throughout your day. If you notice that you are not thinking positively, see what you can do to help yourself turn your thoughts to the positive.

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Hippy Affirmation Day 18

I radiate positive vibes.

I Radiate Positive VibesIt’s common knowledge now that energy is catching. Like the common cold, a positive demeanor with it’s energy can be passed on to others that we interact with in our daily travels. It’s true, as well, that a negative attitude can be caught.

I choose to  call this energy that we can pass on to others our vibes (short for vibrate). Starting in our core this vibration that is our energy radiates outward. It extends outward to about  1 – 3 inches from the body and is called our auric field. Your aura reflects the energy that you are currently experiencing as well as your overall psyche and emotional state. Everyone has this auric field.

When we encounter each other our power is not limited by our words and our outward appearance. We affect others by a much more subtle means – our energy that is our auric field. Having a clear intention within yourself to radiate more positive vibes can in itself change your field. There are other ways to do so which I plan to explore more in depth in an article to come on this site. With this intention we can go about our day with an attitude that we will not say one negative thing to people we encounter and we will try to see them in a positive light. Of course, some people will be challenging. I’ve actually found that when I attempt to be this way to everyone I am uniquely challenged by irascible people.

Try to radiate positive vibes. You just might find that the reward within yourself is that you will feel more at peace and loving. That in itself is well worth the exercise. The benefit to the world can not be discounted because your vibe will be catching. Who knows how far and wide it can spread?


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Why Do Adults Color? Should You Too?

Me Coloring With Markers

This is me finishing a page that I started with my coloring group.

I’ve been coloring all my life. I fondly remember my deluxe 64 crayon box of crayons that I oh-so-neatly put each crayon back in it’s proper place in the box’s inside sleeve after using each crayon. Another fond memory is of the exotic bird coloring book given to me by Sunshine, my hippie babysitter. I colored as an adult to alleviate boredom between incoming customer service calls when I worked at Home Shopping Network. Even though I haven’t given it much thought as to exactly why I enjoy coloring until now, it’s no surprise to me that it has become amazingly popular in the last couple of years. More and more people are realizing one thing that deep down I have known all along – coloring is good for you.

Zenspiration Do What Calls To Your Soul

From Zenspirations Inspirations coloring book done in pencils.

Adult coloring has gone mainstream and it doesn’t seem to be losing steam. Over 12 million coloring books were sold in 2015. In April 2015 a coloring book (Secret Garden – An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book by Johanna Basford) topped the best-seller list of books. Five of Amazon’s current top 15 best-selling books are coloring books. There are adult coloring clubs and Meet Ups for adults who color.

The variety of coloring books available that are aimed at the adult market is remarkable. It is surely a testament to how popular this activity has become among adults. There are coloring books based on TV Shows like A Game of Thrones and movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter . There are swearing themed coloring books (Calm the F*ck Down by Sasha O’Hara) and naughty coloring books that have pages of sexual positions (Adult Coloring Book:Sexual Positions by Spudtc publishing Ltd).

Game of Thrones Coloring Book

Click Here to buy The Official A Game Of Thrones coloring book.

There are inspirational quote coloring books (Creative Coloring Inspirations by Valentina Harper) and Bible quote coloring books (Trust In God: Inspirational Quotes from The Bible from Barnes and Noble). There is even a coloring book based on a cat that has videos on YouTube (Grumpy Cat Coloring Bookand a Steampunk themed coloring book (Steampunk Devices Coloring Book by Jeremy Elder).

Even though the adult coloring book market has exploded and it seems like just about every theme that you can think of is available, only a handful of themes are being snapped off of the shelves and the internet. These most popular coloring books are animal designs, mandalas, calming, stress relieving, nature, and abstract patterns.

Calm The F*ck Down Coloring Book

Click here to buy Calm the F*ck Down coloring book.

So what is it about coloring that is enjoyable? For me, I find that I like how it feels to focus on laying the color down on the page as I fill in the shapes. I also enjoy choosing the color combinations I use to fill in the entire design. I feel satisfied when I complete coloring a design. The coloring activity itself is like a meditation. I focus on filling in the design with color and my mind lets go of it’s worries. Since it usually takes a few sessions of coloring to finish what I am coloring, I learn patience. When it is all done I can look at the finished product and enjoy it over and over again.

The enjoyment of coloring could be connected to the color itself. Each color affects mood.” Colour is energy and the fact that it has a physical effect on us has been proved time and again in experiments – most notably when blind people were asked to identify colours with their fingertips and were all able to do so easily. The shorter the wavelength, the stronger the underlying physical effect (Angela Wright – http://www.colour-affects.co.uk/how-it-works). This is why people are often careful about what colors they use to paint rooms in their houses.

Grumpy Cat Coloring Book

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The following is a list of colors and how they affect mood (http://www.colour-affects.co.uk/how-it-works).

  • Redenergizes because it stimulates us
  • Bluecalms and increases concentration
  • Yellowlifts our spirits, creates confidence and optimism
  • Greenpromotes balance and harmony
  • Violetencourages deep contemplation and meditation
  • Orangefocuses our minds on comfort, sensuality and fun
  • Pinknurtures and physically soothes
  • Greysuppresses  and causes us to  instinctively draw in
  • Brownwarms, supports and connects us to earth
  • Black promotes security and emotional safety
  • Whitepurifies and cleanses
Steampunk Devices Coloring Book

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Studying colour psychology, Angela Wright recognized that there are no wrong colours. It is the combination of colours that triggers the response. You could have a grey sky on a summer day, but our reaction to that grey with the beautiful colours of the summer landscape would be different from the combination of a grey sky with a predominantly snow white scene. We do not respond to just one colour, but to colours in combination. Even the winter landscape contains many colours. This could very well explain why I choose certain colors to color in each of the designs that I color.

What has sparked the growth in popularity of adult coloring? According to Adrienne Raphel (Why Adults Are Buying Coloring Books {For Themselves} The New Yorker July 12,2015), it is due somewhat to social media. Colorists post their finished colorings to Facebook and Pinterest, garnering fans and offering pro tips on things like Prismacolor versus gel pens. It is also due to a craving for childhood objects and experiences. This “Peter-Pan market” is also a target for children’s and young adult books, . This leads me to think that it is our inner child that is reaching out to be stimulated. Our world has become too grown-up. We harken back to simpler days and times when a coloring book and some crayons were our occupation instead of bills, taxes and domestic chores.

Zenspiration Live Love Laugh

From Zenspirations Inspirations coloring book done in markers and pencils.

How is coloring good for you? According to clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis, coloring is a stress-free activity that relaxes the amygdala – the fear center of the brain – and allows your mind to get the rest it needs. We de-stress when we color because of our focus on the activity and not on our worries. Coloring also “brings out our imagination and takes us back to our childhood, a period in which we most certainly had a lot less stress,” says psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala. She goes on to say that when coloring we activate different areas of our two cerebral hemispheres. “The action involves both logic, by which we color forms, and creativity, when mixing and matching colors. This incorporates the areas of the cerebral cortex involved in vision and fine motor skills [coordination necessary to make small, precise movements].”

More evidence that coloring is good for you:

  1. helps dementia and alzheimers patients remain engaged with the outside world.
  2. can lower blood pressure
  3. trains your brain to focus better
  4. helps people deal with stress and PTSD

What are you waiting for? Give it a try. Light up your life with color and relax and de-stress at the same time. Maybe even join a coloring group to get to know some new people. 

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10 Tips to Help Stop Overthinking

10 Tips to Help Stop Overthinking

Garden gnome that I painted.

Don’t overthink it.

When I wroteHippy Affirmation Day 17it was about shifting our focus out of overthinking.

Touching lightly on the subject, I suggested using mindfulness to help stop overthinking. Overthinking is defined as thinking about a subject too much or for far too long. It is analyzing, commenting and repeating the same thoughts over and again, instead of acting.

Common scenarios that cause us to overthink are:

1. A conversation we had in which we wish we had said or done something different.
2. In anticipation of a very important conversation we will be having with someone.
3. We have a decision to make that is particularly difficult (whether to quit a job, break up a relationship, move to another city, etc).
4. We have to do something we are not confident in our ability to do.

Our overthinking can also be a result of:
1. Catastrophizing the future with bad outcomes (being a “Chicken Little”).
2. Comparing ourselves to others (finding ourselves lacking).
3. Fear of having anxiety attacks or panic attacks in public.

Whatever the cause of our overthinking, there are ways to stop overthinking. These ways are not permanent. The overthinking will probably come back. With practice though we can stop it more effectively each time that it reappears. The first step is always awareness. I don’t know about any of you, but I sure don’t have a problem with this one. When I am overthinking I am very aware of it because I feel like I am going a little bit crazy. My mind is taking over and just running riot with my thoughts. I have no peace. And I just want it to stop. Trouble is that when I tell my mind to stop the thoughts the overthinking persists more, even magnifies.

I am prone to being obsessive especially in my thoughts. I don’t like it one bit. It is a part of who I am so I accept it. At this point of awareness and acceptance is the jumping off point into what can be done about it.

  1. Practice mindfulness – As discussed in the Hippy Affirmation Day 17, mindfulness is a way to shift our focus out of our thinking into the present moment of what is happening and what we are doing. For example, if you are petting your cat or dog, focus on how it feels to touch their fur, look at the colors and patterns of their fur, notice how their ears move, notice the sounds they make, etc. By doing so, the mind cannot be occupied by mind chatter, rather by the shared moment of connection with your pet.
  2. Occupy yourself with something that requires focus – This can be art (like drawing or painting), a project (like building something), a craft (like sewing or knitting), organizing something (like a drawer or closet), cleaning something, writing, reading, or learning something new. There is a wealth of knowledge out there on many subjects in books at the library and tutorial videos on the internet. An added bonus is that we keep our minds healthier when we learn something new.
  3. Get active – Do something that gets the body moving. Exercise is commonly recommended. Traditional exercise bores me so I don’t stick with it. I ballroom dance and dancewalk. During either activity, my mind is totally free of overthinking and I have so much fun. Find the activity that works best for you so that you will want to do it. Yoga and tai chi are other body moving disciplines that can be good for slowing down or stopping our thinking.
  4. Breathe – This is the least utilized tool in our toolbox of life. Just the act of learning to slow down the breathing can help to slow down our thoughts. In order for breathing to be effective when we find ourselves stuck in overthinking, we need to practice during times when we are not challenged by our runaway mind.
  5. Meditate – There are quite a few ways to meditate. I was trained in transcendental meditation so that is what I do. For some people focusing on an object like a candle flame helps them to meditate. Find out what works best for you. Keep in mind that meditation is a practice. It takes time and effort to use meditation to help stop overthinking.
  6. Work on feeling safe – Much of our overthinking is a result of us not feeling safe. We see the world as a place that can tear us down in an instant with it’s unknown circumstances waiting in the wings. Sure there are challenges that will arise and the world can feel very unsafe. The key is to realize that we can weather whatever may come. And, to not scare ourselves to death imagining the worst case scenarios. Remind yourself of the times you came through difficult challenges in your life and know that you can do it again.
  7. Work on your confidence – When we don’t have confidence in our abilities we get very fearful of making mistakes. We will make mistakes when we attempt new things. It’s only by doing these things that we gain confidence. We have to be willing to get past our fear of screwing up to get to the other side where confidence grows. I have been taking ballroom dance lessons for 18 years. I will never forget when I first started learning to dance. I was so afraid to make a mistake that I would freeze like a deer in the headlights whenever the instructor watched us. Thank goodness I stuck with it. It’s a huge source of confidence in my life now.
  8. Don’t think about what people think of you – We cannot control anyone outside of ourselves. People will think what they think. They are usually so self-focused that they aren’t even thinking about us at all. If they are judging us, it has very little to do with us. It’s their own shortcomings and misperceptions within themselves that fuels their judgmental thoughts about others. There is not one thing your thinking will do to change any of that.
  9. Use a timer to limit your time spent in overthinking – When you are trapped in overthinking set a timer (perhaps for 10 minutes). Let yourself do all the analyzing, ruminating and obsessing you need to do for that set period of time. Once the time is over, write out on a piece of paper what comes to mind. This could be quite revealing and could help you resolve a difficult situation. Then, throw the paper away and go on with your day.
  10. Have grateful thoughts – Whenever we have good thoughts about the good in life they cancel out negative thoughts about the bad in our lives. And the really cool thing about seeing the good is that we tend to see more good. Of course the opposite is true, that when we focus on the bad in our lives we see more bad. By shifting into the grateful thoughts we can enrich our life immeasurably while also nipping overthinking in the bud before it ever starts.

Psychological disorders can be at the root of overthinking. Obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic disorder are some of the top culprits. Mental illness is difficult to contend with since it is inherited from our parents. Medication is usually necessary. Eating calming foods and beverages and avoiding stimulating foods and beverages is important too. Certain supplements can be taken as well. This does not mean that my suggestions will not help in the case of endogenous psychological disorders. They can definitely help. If you have a psychological disorder, you’ll need to attack your overthinking with all that I have suggested while also going to therapy.

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by all these ideas. Take it a little at time. Sometimes we have to work on one or two things to make progress. Once those ones are integrated into our lives, we add another suggestion. It’s a process. Just like life. Nothing happens overnight. It happens in increments. Until, eventually we find that we have changed when we weren’t even aware that we were changing.


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Hippy Affirmation Day 17

I shift my focus.

I shift my focus.During a conversation with a good friend today she shared with me that she thinks that she overthinks and that that behavior causes her to get depressed. I could relate. Overthinking tends to be what gets me into trouble too. I suggested that she shift her focus whenever that happens.

I guess before I go on I should explain the meaning of overthinking. It means to think about a subject too much or for far too long. It magnifies the significance of the thought. Usually the subject is about something we worry about.  A good example is that someone you know says something that bothers you. And, even though they didn’t mean any harm, you walk around for a couple of days thinking about it. You’ve taken it personally and you can’t get your mind off of it.

Because you let it get under your skin, you run the conversation through your head trying to understand what they meant by what they said. If you notice how you are feeling, you will often see that you are churning inside and you feel pretty bad. This kind of thinking can lead to anxiety and depression. The anxiety from overthinking is “ worry gone wild.”  The depression from overthinking is “anger gone wild.”   Either state is pretty miserable.

Shifting the focus is not easy. Our minds are very good at doing the same thing over and over again when it comes to thinking. Plus, it’s possible that overthinking is a self-defense mechanism ingrained within us to try to help us spot threats. When we worry we feel somehow like we are preparing ourselves for what may come. Never mind, that it may never come and that we are worrying away our very lives.

I’ve been noticing that mindfulness practice is popping up in popular articles in the media. Time Magazine currently has this subject featured on the cover of it’s magazine. Mindfulness is merely a shift in focus. An easy way to practice mindfulness is to notice what you are doing in the moment that you are doing it. Say you are washing the dishes and your mind is chattering on about something. You can notice that you are stuck in your thinking then turn your thinking to the task that you are doing. You can focus on the warm water, the color and pattern of the dish, the feel of the suds, etc.

I practiced mindfulness in this way while taking down Christmas decorations yesterday. I noticed that my mind was rehearsing conversations that I wanted to have with my friend who I was helping with to take down the decorations. I’m really not sure why my mind was doing that (except that maybe I wanted to impress her and I was worried about not having something interesting to talk about). Anyway, I shifted my focus to taking down the ornaments. I noticed the colors and shapes. I noticed what it was like to unwind the garland from the tree. I noticed that the garland beads were coated with a material that gave the beads an aurora borealis look. I noticed that the coating had a very unusual smell. I could go on and on. But, I won’t because I think that you get the picture.

Shifting my focus like I did brought calm. Without rehearsing my conversation the actual conversation was smooth and effortless. My friend opened up about some things to me and I felt like we connected on a new level. It was a very good experience all-in-all. The beauty of shifting our focus from our thinking to what is actually happening in the moment is that we experience that moment fully. Every moment lost to overthinking is a moment lost forever. We just can’t get back those moments.

I encourage you to pay attention to your thinking. If you find yourself yammering on about things of very little significance in the grand scheme of your life, try to shift your focus to mindfulness. While it might not be easy, it sure is worth it.

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