Hippy Affirmation Day 6

I am disciplined with what matters
most to me.

I am disciplined with what matters most to me by Angela Star.,I started these hippy affirmations to publish positive affirmations with the intent to help others.  I am finding that creating them and talking about them every day is a great benefit for me too. What you focus on expands, I have been told.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s affirmation post I am challenged when it comes to discipline. I want to be able to control and motivate myself in the ways that matter to me most. I believe that the foundation of a good life is a healthy mind and body. This is where I want to be self-disciplined.

Where do I begin? My research tells me that the key to self-discipline is the mind. Meditation is a tool that helps the mind to become disciplined. Studies have shown that the following are some of the reasons why:

  1. Meditation activates the willpower part of the brain.
  2. Meditation releases feel good chemicals that keep us from having cravings.
  3. Meditation melts away stress and anxiety.
  4. Meditation helps us focus better.

I have decided to meditate every day to begin to discipline myself. As I say this, I feel some resistance within myself because I have made these types of declarations before with very good intentions but failed to follow through for a decent length of time. I do whatever I have dedicated myself to do for awhile (maybe a week or two). Then I quit. This leads me to ask, “Why do I not keep at it, whatever it is?” This question may be at the root of my poor self-discipline. I wonder if meditating on that question will bring insight that could help me? I think I’ll try that.

What do you think about your own self-discipline? What will help you be disciplined to do what matters most to you? What keeps you from disciplining yourself?

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