Hippy Affirmation Day 4

Today I choose happiness

Today I choose happiness by Angela Star.Everyday we make a myriad of choices. Most are pretty inconsequential. Choosing to be happy is not. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” We have the power to choose to be happy. Despite the neighbor that let’s his dog poop on your lawn, despite the driver that drives too slow in front of you, despite your child who doesn’t want to get dressed and go to school, you can choose to be happy.

Choosing to be unhappy due to things in your life like these examples can become a habit. It is a habit that can be broken. Suffering for the rest of your day over something that you are powerless over is pretty sad. Why not choose to be happy? What do you have to lose?

Today, commit to happiness by letting go of what you cannot change while changing what you can. Especially, by changing your thinking about being happy.

Angela Star (74 Posts)

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