Hippy Affirmation Day 26

With every new thing that
I try I build confidence.

With every new thing that I try I build confidence.Confidence. How does one get it when one feels that they lack it? Are some people born more naturally confident than others? Or is it something that requires action to acquire it?

Research studies with twins have proven that confidence is at least 50% inheritable. While it may not be as inheritable as eye color and hair color, this percentage of inherit-ability can determine whether one person can accomplish what they want to accomplish while others will flounder.

Personally, I have struggled with confidence throughout most of my life. I have learned one thing for sure from my struggles. It takes doing to build confidence. It doesn’t increase with affirmations and wishful thinking. The more I try the more confidence I create in myself.

It’s important to note that the confidence built is on successful actions. Of course, not all actions are successful. The best ways to deal with the failures is to either try again in order to develop mastery or to give up because it’s just not something that you are capable of developing mastery in doing. For example, if you are tone deaf, there is a high probability that you will fail at singing or playing music. That’s okay. Letting it go and attempting something that your skills are more suited to will develop your confidence. Focusing on the singing will only create frustration and erode confidence.

The Tree of Life pendant in the above image was my first attempt at creating this type of pendant. I’ve wanted to make one for a very long time. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I can feel the confidence that I am building because I created it. The next step is to teach other people how to make it too. In the teaching I am also building confidence in another skill.

So, if you struggle with confidence, I entreat you to try something that will help to build it up. What can that be? Think it through and try. If you fail, don’t let the failure create a chink in your armor of confidence. Try again or move on to something else. Just don’t let your doubts keep you from trying.

Angela Star (72 Posts)

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