Hippy Affirmation Day 24

I allow separateness as well as
togetherness in my relationship.

I allow separateness as well as togetherness in my relationship.The dream of most romantics (including me) is that a relationship is the solution to your desire for happiness. When romantics get into a relationship they feel giddy and over the moon as they revel in the newness and togetherness. Not wanting the feeling to end, they often cling to the person that they love. While relationships can be part of a happy life they certainly are not the be all end all of life.

Learning that a relationship needs both separateness and togetherness will go a long way in keeping the relationship together. This is because both people have room to breathe, room to be individuals and room to explore themselves and life.

The fascinating part of discovering this truth is that each person becomes even happier. Freedom to become keeps the relationship alive because each person keeps bringing something new to the relationship. Boredom is banished. Boredom can be a relationship killer. Sometimes that’s what causes one partner to cheat on the other. It’s the newness and excitement of someone else that draws them away. The problem with this situation is that that boredom will surface again once the newness and excitement wears off. Then the whole cycle has to be lived through again.

Like the tree and the sky they exist together while also separate. Focus on allowing a balance of both separateness and togetherness in your relationship. 

Angela Star (74 Posts)

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2 comments on “Hippy Affirmation Day 24
  1. David says:

    While I agree with the article, I do believe that to keep your relationship vibrant and to keep the attraction, you need to give your significant other the gift of missing you.