Hippy Affirmation Day 19

Today I will think positively.

Today I Will Think Positively.In Hippy Affirmation Day 18 I recommended that we not say one negative word to people during our encounters with them as a way to radiate positive vibes and spread good energy. I want to follow up with this affirmation that recommends thinking positively. As words follow from thoughts, the next affirmation after this one will focus on speaking positively.

How do we think positively? Most of us do not pay attention to the thoughts that we think. I guess you could say that we are on automatic pilot. We go about our day with all kinds of thoughts buzzing around our heads. We need to be aware of the thoughts that we are thinking. If we are not aware of what the thoughts are that we are thinking then our moods can easily be ruled by them.

How else can we think positively? We can avoid labeling or judging our thoughts. By learning not to judge them we are training ourselves to let go of judging in general. Judging can be a very negative activity that stands in the way of positive thinking. Deepak Chopra wrote a book called The Ultimate Happiness Prescription: 7 Keys to Joy and Enlightenment. 

The Ultimate Happiness Prescription

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One of the exercises that he talks about in this book is going through your whole day without judging. This means no judging whatsoever. You don’t judge your thoughts, yourself, your circumstances, other people, outside events. Nothing. I’ve tried it. It’s not so easy. I find it to be a very good exercise.

Then there is having a positive dialogue with yourself. Most all of us talk to ourselves. Psychologists believe that it is normal. Are you aware of the thoughts you think in your conversations with yourself? Are they positive dialogues? Let’s hope they are not opportunities to be hurtful and harmful to yourself. I know all about this negative activity of the mind. I used to be this way. Sometimes I am still this way.

I’ve recommended meditation before. I can’t say enough about it since it can help you be more aware of your thoughts. It’s also a good practice for helping us learn how to slow down thinking and change thinking.

Keep your awareness on your thoughts throughout your day. If you notice that you are not thinking positively, see what you can do to help yourself turn your thoughts to the positive.

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