Hippy Affirmation Day 18

I radiate positive vibes.

I Radiate Positive VibesIt’s common knowledge now that energy is catching. Like the common cold, a positive demeanor with it’s energy can be passed on to others that we interact with in our daily travels. It’s true, as well, that a negative attitude can be caught.

I choose to  call this energy that we can pass on to others our vibes (short for vibrate). Starting in our core this vibration that is our energy radiates outward. It extends outward to about  1 – 3 inches from the body and is called our auric field. Your aura reflects the energy that you are currently experiencing as well as your overall psyche and emotional state. Everyone has this auric field.

When we encounter each other our power is not limited by our words and our outward appearance. We affect others by a much more subtle means – our energy that is our auric field. Having a clear intention within yourself to radiate more positive vibes can in itself change your field. There are other ways to do so which I plan to explore more in depth in an article to come on this site. With this intention we can go about our day with an attitude that we will not say one negative thing to people we encounter and we will try to see them in a positive light. Of course, some people will be challenging. I’ve actually found that when I attempt to be this way to everyone I am uniquely challenged by irascible people.

Try to radiate positive vibes. You just might find that the reward within yourself is that you will feel more at peace and loving. That in itself is well worth the exercise. The benefit to the world can not be discounted because your vibe will be catching. Who knows how far and wide it can spread?


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2 comments on “Hippy Affirmation Day 18
  1. David Hodgson says:

    I see this in my daily life. I interact with people in their homes every day as part of my livelihood. When I meet someone that has a good vibe and is genuinely happy, after I have interacted with them the rest of my day is much more relaxed and enjoyable.