Hippy Affirmation Day 11

I let go of old habits.

I let go of old habits by Angela Star.Have you ever heard the expression, “Old habits die hard.”? Old habits are leftovers from the past. Many of them keep us from moving forward in the future. We tend to live our lives on automatic pilot doing pretty much the same things over and over again even when they don’t serve our best interest.

Some people find this comforting and are perfectly okay with living in this manner. But, how common is it for most people to reach the end of their days on this Earth wishing that they had tried to do some things differently – wishing that they had tried to do more things that changed their experience of life?

I for one, want to be one of those people who stretched myself in some ways so that I experienced life more fully. For many of us there are limits to what we can do because of financial constraints (unless you are rich). Has anyone ever noticed that in the movie “The Bucket List” Jack Nicholson was rich so he and Danny Glover had the means to achieve the items on their bucket list? Did you also notice that it wasn’t so much the experiences that required money that were the most important ones to experience in the movie?

I am speaking of Jack Nicholson reconciling with his daughter and Danny Glover going home to his worried wife. Yes, I am advising you to do the out of the ordinary like bungee jumping if that is your thing. Or take a class that you have always wanted to do. I am also advising you to make the bold leap to do things in your personal life that you thought were too difficult to attempt. In doing these things we grow. To me that is life.

Letting go of old habits that do not serve us give us life. Life does not last. But, living life can be so fulfilling that each day feels like a lifetime of experience. I want my days to be as such.

Is there something you have been wanting to do that you hold yourself back from doing? Do you want to take the initiative to check out that coffee house that just opened in your town? Do you want to do something adventurous like visiting a state you have always wanted to see? Do you want to reconcile with someone but the idea of it seems too difficult to even consider?

I invite you to think about these questions and determine if old habits keep you from moving forward. If they are and you want to break free of them, perhaps it is time to make an attempt to do so.

Angela Star (74 Posts)

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