Hippy Affirmation Day 10

I exercise because
I like it.

I exercise because I like it by Angela Star.I’d like to say that this affirmation is absolutely true for me but it most definitely is not. I dislike it. I dislike it a lot. Traditional exercise feels like a real pain in the butt. I find myself so bored that I can’t motivate myself to do it. When I do motivate myself to do it, I don’t stick with it. Just about the only activity that can be considered exercise that I will stick to is dancing. I take ballroom dance lessons regularly and go to dances. From looking at the dance image it is evident that I enjoy dancing and I am quite happy to dance. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to go enough for it to give me enough benefit to be at my optimal health.

Recently, I discovered a video on YouTube by Ben Aaron who is a reporter. He did a humorous segment on dance walkingAs I watched the video I thought to myself, “That looks like fun.” Later on I found myself thinking that I would love to dance walk with a group of people. I tend to stick to activity that requires me to do it with a group or in a class. This has lead me to decide to start a dance walking group.

I had my first group meeting last week. No one showed up. I still did it and had fun. People in the park seemed to enjoy seeing me do it but no one seemed interested in joining me in the activity. I wanted to ask some of them to join in. I didn’t because I felt like I would have been interfering in their time and the purpose that they had when they came to the park. I’m hoping some people will show up to participate this week. We’ll see.

I’m still going to dance walk by myself. I really think this is the thing that will get me motivated to “work out” and “keep in shape” because it combines two things that I love (music and dance). I’ve got Just Dance for the Wii as well. Plan to do that too. I’m hoping that with repeated practice I will be able to in the future say, “I Exercise Because I Like It” with absolute belief that I mean what I say.

Are you unmotivated to exercise? What do you think will change that for you? Perhaps there is something you like to do that can be exercise that doesn’t feel tedious to you.

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