Best Yard Sale Ever! – Top 10 Tips To Make Lots of Money!

Woman Holding MoneyHave your yard sale sales been downright pitiful? Do you feel like you could have made a lot more money?

You need a sure-fire formula for success. Here’s it is.

Since my past yard sales have have been poor and my efforts definitely didn’t create the sales that I had dreamed of, I realized that I needed to do some research. To help maximize my success in the future I based the research on the experiences of people who have made a lot of money from yard sales.

This is a pre-yard sale article because I am writing it before I put on my next yard sale. After applying the research to my own yard sale, I will follow up with a new article.  That article will give you an updated proven top ten tips based on my own first hand experience.

So, what do you really need to know to make lots of money from a yard sale?

Tip #1 – Planning is the key 
If you do not plan ahead, do not expect to make good money. Planning will include consideration for where the yard sale will be held, sorting, pricing and categorizing items, marketing with signs and getting the word out, and determining the days and times for the sale.

Tip #2 – Location, location, location
– This tip hails from traditional marketing and holds true here too. Where you have your yard sale makes all the difference in the world. If you do not live in a well-traveled easy access location consider having the yard sale at the house of a friend or family member. They might even want to participate.

Tip #3 – Make awesome signs  & place them well
– Simple signs with most pertinent information
– High visibility – neon colors are good
– Post at every intersection within a radius of the sale

Tip #4 –  Brand your yard sale, if you can
 Brand by making your signs all the same colors, using all the same fonts and the same layout on all of the signs.

Tip #5 – Price at rock bottom prices with a little higher mark-up to leave room to haggle
– The goal is to sell it all so there is nothing to haul. Pricing in this way gives you the best chances to sell more items.

Tip #6 – Optimize marketing by using local yard sale websites & Craig’s List along with local classifieds
For Craig’s List :
– Include photos of your big sellers
– Include your address with a map
– Post multiple times a few days before and on each sale day
– Post early in the morning as early as 5:00 am
– List what you have left on the last day & say that prices are being slashed

Tip #7 – Borrow tables, if necessary, so that most items will be at eye level
– People are more likely to pick up items, inspect them and buy them

Tip #8 – If selling clothing, limit the amount for sale and hang them up.
-Generally, people do not want to sort through stacks of clothing. They will pick a few items that catch their interest off of the top and ignore the rest. Make it easier and more enjoyable for them to buy some select nice pieces of clothing.

Tip #9 – Encourage more people to stop and shop
– Put larger items close to the street and many items close to the street.

Tip #10 – Accept credit cards if you can to encourage more spending
– Paypal has an app that you can download so that you can take payment on your phone.

Now that you have all the best tips in hand, it is time to put on your own yard sale and make tons of money off of stuff you just don’t want or need anymore. Don’t forget to come back to read the follow-up article that I will post soon.


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