Are You a Hippy Chic? Answer these 12 Questions


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Ever wondered if you might be a
hippy chic/hippie chick?

Wonder no more. Answer these questions to find out if you are a hippy chic or not.

  1. Do you like to wear extra-feminine clothing?
  2. Does listening to music that resonates with you give you a natural high?
  3. Do you act on the impulse to dance no matter where you happen to be?
  4. Do you often use words like “groovy” and “cool”?
  5. Are you known to be open-minded and non-judgmental (preferring to live and let live)?
  6. Do you need to have your own space to grow and explore both mentally and physically?
  7. Do you need to have intellectual/philosophical conversations with your friends and lovers?
  8. Are you bored with tradition ever enthusiastic to explore all that life has to offer?
  9. Are you a dreamer and a creator?
  10. Do you love animals and nature?
  11. Is it essential to you to be accepted for exactly who you are?
  12. Do you love with the abandonment of a child?

The Urban Dictionary defines a hippy chick as a harmless but weird time warp babe. She’s someone who has obviously fallen through the space-time continuum to the sixties and then journeyed back to today. She probably has long hair, dated clothes and possesses a floaty, free-love type of philosophy.

Do you relate to this definition at all? Did you answer yes to a majority of the above questions? Then you are probably a hippy chic. Embrace it. Because hippy chics are really “COOL”!

Angela Star (74 Posts)

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