Hippy Affirmation Day 30

I easily set boundaries.

I easily set boundaries.Hmmm…setting boundaries. How many of us struggle with this one? Why is it so tough to do it? Is it about fitting in and being liked? Is it about childhood training? Is it something else?

I struggle with setting boundaries. I envy the people who easily say “NO”. They just come out and say it without blinking or flinching. Not me. My first inclination is to say “YES”. Later on I realize what I am getting myself into and then I regret it.

Recently I am struggling with setting boundaries with someone who has befriended me who lives very near me. She seems like a nice person but now she is becoming a bit of a nuisance. She wants more of my time and effort than I want to give. So, here I am trying to figure out how to nicely create space between us without upsetting her feelings. This is a lesson to learn. Do not jump into friendships with people, especially if they live nearby.

To answer the above questions that I began this post with would take some research. Maybe, another day I will address that. My gut tells me that a lot of boundary setting difficulty or ease has to do with childhood training. The people who want to please their parents as children have a difficult time setting boundaries. And, this carries on over into adulthood with other people. The question is this, “Are these people naturally predisposed in their personalities to want to please their parents or is it just that their parents are so forceful that they are trained to want to please them?” I do wonder.

It would be really cool if we could go back to the first moment when we made the decision to react to our parents in a way to please them. In that moment, if we could be an observer, we could discover if we naturally wanted to please them from our own inborn personality. Of course, there is no way to really do that or study that. I believe this to be true because that first moment has to be at such a young age that it would be next to impossible to study.

As to my own struggle with people-pleasing, I am going to have to remind myself to say “NO” to this person who is in my life right now and know that it is okay. I don’t have to let her have what she wants all the time. My wants and needs are important too. And I will remind myself that each time I set a boundary I respect myself and that it will get easier every time that I practice this skill.

Here’s to the freedom to set boundaries without guilt. 


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Hippy Affirmation Day 29

I focus on doing what I need to do.

I focus on doing what I need to do.I tend to be a bit “scatter-brained” most of the time. I don’t mean to be. It’s something I have struggled with all of my life. I guess nowadays this inability to focus on one thing is known as ADD. I even had a psychologist from my past who told me that that I have ADD. I didn’t get put on medication and I will not take any medication now.

I think this tendency arises from being so interested in so many different things that it is hard for me to focus on just one thing. It also arises out of my loss of interest in something after I start it. I’m great with beginning things. It’s ending them that is the problem. I have many unfinished projects just sitting around waiting for my attention. I feel guilty for the clutter that has accumulated from these projects.

So, it’s time to clean up the clutter from these neglected projects. But, before I do I need to focus on what I need to do and get that done first. When I do that first, I feel a little better about what I still want to do. 

If you are like me and you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff that needs to be done and all the stuff that you want to do, try taking this first step. Then go forward from there.

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Delight In Creating With My Students

I am continually delighted and surprised by what my students create.

fairy pendant with blue rose and cathedral crystal necklace and earring set

Today I taught a private lesson with my student, Sam. She had the blue roses and the crystals. We found the blue cathedral crystals, grey pearls and fairy pendant in my stock of supplies to complete this stunning necklace and earring set. She had something different in mind when she envisioned what she would do with the roses. She was happy with the results even though it wasn’t what she had thought she was going to make. Collaborating on this set together was a real pleasurable experience.

I am finding that I get more excited every day helping others create jewelry than I do making it on my own. It may be because I am a very social personality type. It may be because I like teaching people. It may be because I just love the results. I may be all those reasons and more. But, it doesn’t really matter why. It’s just so cool that I have the opportunity to teach and share my love of jewelry making. I am very grateful.


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Happy Students – Happy Customers

These ladies are happy to wear their hippy chics jewelry.

Sue wearing her creation.

Sue is wearing her creation that she did with the help of Angela Star aka Hippy Chic.

Sue's creation with the help of Angela Star - hippy chic

Sue’s necklace and earring set. The pendant is actually a reversible watch piece.

Sherry is wearing a commissioned set made by Angela Star with the Colts football team theme.

Sherry is wearing a commissioned set made by Angela Star with the Colts football team theme.

Colts football team themed necklace and earring set.

Colts football team themed necklace and earring set.


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Hippy Affirmation Day 28

I train my mind to see the positive in people.

I train my mind to see the positive in other people.I’d like to take credit for this affirmative idea. I can’t because I found it in the book The Friendship Factor  by Alan Loy McGinnis. I luckily happened upon this book at a thrift store and at the cost of only 50 cents. It’s a book with lots of valuable advice that I am glad to keep in my library to refer to over and over again. 

I could do an extensive article on the book’s ideas. For now, I just want to concentrate on just this one. I’m not sure if it is natural to see the faults or shortcomings in people before we see the positives. It would seem so, perhaps as a way to protect ourselves from anything that comes our way that may be threatening.

The trouble with focusing on the negative about people is that the negative begins to be all that we see. We may even start to focus solely on our own faults and shortcomings (not just those of other people). Focusing on the positive is more productive. Training our mind to look for the positive in people does not overlook bad treatment or poor behavior. It just helps us to tend to not take what people do or say personally. It helps us to develop distance as an observer. A big bonus is that we are training our minds to be in a more positive frame overall.

Training our minds to see the positive in people, as well as ourselves, frees us up. It takes a weight off of us. It helps us to give them and us the “benefit of the doubt”. Try it. You’ll see. Life will seem less burdensome and less of a trial. You’ll feel more light-hearted. Isn’t that what we all are seeking – to go through our days feeling lighter and happier?

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Angela Star Teaches Jewelry Making Classes

Hippy Chics Jewelry is proud to announce
that Angela Star is now offering
instruction in making jewelry.
Click here for upcoming events.

Angela Star cuts out the letters before painting the truck gate that will advertise Hippy Chics Jewelry.

Angela Star cuts out the letters by hand before painting the truck gate to advertise her classes.

Making jewelry is rewarding. It’s a skill that is a life-long journey because there are so many forms of expression and materials to work with. There is silversmithing, wire working, braiding, bead stringing and so much more. Angela Star of Hippy Chics Jewelry is passing on her expertise in jewelry.

Classes are offered in both private and group instruction. Group classes are usually offered with a specific project in mind with a price that includes the project, instruction and materials.

Gorgeous druzy purple and green agate with opalite beads, rainforest beads, purple chalcedony, crystals, and green e beads.

Necklace of gemstones, e beads, crystals and stunning druzy agate pendant made by a student in a private lesson.


Private classes are less structured. Usually a student chooses from materials that she has then they create a project together. She has a large amount of jewelry beads, wire, and findings in stock that she offers at reasonable prices.

She also teaches classes at the local libraries.  The Mims/Scottsmoor Library desert rain earrings class was a great success. She will be offering a class in making a tree of life pendant from two different colored wires and bead chips at the Titusville Library. If you like, she will host a group class in your home or at a public place like the library or your favorite coffee shop.

Testimonials from students:

“I really have fun taking classes with Angela. She is so helpful.” Sam Bailes

“It was my first time to learn how to make a necklace. The class was fun and interesting. She is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor. I learned a lot and plan to go back again.” Sue Chang

Bracelet of purple and pink chaton beads and silver filligree beads made by student in private class

Bracelet of purple and pink chaton beads and silver filligree beads made by a student in a private class.

Two owl bracelets of multi-colored glass beads and owl howlite focal bead made by student in group class.

Two owl bracelets of multi-colored glass beads and owl howlite focal bead made by a student in a group class.

Contact Angela today for a private lesson. You’ll have fun while making something unique that you can be proud to wear or to give as a gift. Just be careful not to get too addicted to the art of jewelry creation (or the beautiful beads, pendants, findings, etc.)

Future classes will be published on this website and updated on Facebook. So keep checking the calendar for the opportunity to take a group class.

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Hippy Affirmation Day 27

Beauty can be found in the simplest of
things and in the most unlikely places.

Beauty can be found in the simplest of things and the most unlikely of places.On Tuesday of this week I was out and about and I noticed a field of wild pink flowers. As I tend to do, I got up close to view them and to take some photos. These flowers were so cool because they look like the truffula trees in the Dr. Seuss story “The Lorax”. The field of them was quite beautiful to me.

The interesting part is that these plants can be considered weeds and therefore a nuisance. I don’t see it that way. I think that there are lots of “weeds” that flower that are beautiful. So much of our days are preoccupied with tasks, worries and vegging in front of screens (TV, computer, phone, tablets). With this type of focus we miss out on the beauty that is all around us.

I believe that it does good to ourselves to see more beauty in the world by tuning into it and tuning out to our preoccupations periodically. It’s there to see we just have to have the intention to notice then take the time to do so.

What beauty in the world are you missing when you go about your day? Take the time and energy to “see” the beauty around you and I’ll just bet that you will be glad that you did.

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Hippy Affirmation Day 26

With every new thing that
I try I build confidence.

With every new thing that I try I build confidence.Confidence. How does one get it when one feels that they lack it? Are some people born more naturally confident than others? Or is it something that requires action to acquire it?

Research studies with twins have proven that confidence is at least 50% inheritable. While it may not be as inheritable as eye color and hair color, this percentage of inherit-ability can determine whether one person can accomplish what they want to accomplish while others will flounder.

Personally, I have struggled with confidence throughout most of my life. I have learned one thing for sure from my struggles. It takes doing to build confidence. It doesn’t increase with affirmations and wishful thinking. The more I try the more confidence I create in myself.

It’s important to note that the confidence built is on successful actions. Of course, not all actions are successful. The best ways to deal with the failures is to either try again in order to develop mastery or to give up because it’s just not something that you are capable of developing mastery in doing. For example, if you are tone deaf, there is a high probability that you will fail at singing or playing music. That’s okay. Letting it go and attempting something that your skills are more suited to will develop your confidence. Focusing on the singing will only create frustration and erode confidence.

The Tree of Life pendant in the above image was my first attempt at creating this type of pendant. I’ve wanted to make one for a very long time. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I can feel the confidence that I am building because I created it. The next step is to teach other people how to make it too. In the teaching I am also building confidence in another skill.

So, if you struggle with confidence, I entreat you to try something that will help to build it up. What can that be? Think it through and try. If you fail, don’t let the failure create a chink in your armor of confidence. Try again or move on to something else. Just don’t let your doubts keep you from trying.

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Hippy Affirmation Day 25

I accept that experiencing pain
can lead to freedom and growth.

I accept that experiencing pain can lead to freedom and growth.Yesterday I watched the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.
It’s theme so impressed me and it was done so well that it is a DVD that I own because I would like to see it more than once. 
I’ve actually seen this movie at least two other times. The movie is based on these questions: “If you could erase the memory of someone after a breakup of the relationship would you? Should you?”

Surely, the temptation to erase the memories after a breakup, if it were possible, could be very strong. No memories, no awful emotional pain. Wallah. Problem solved. Wait! Not so fast! Erasing the memories not only erases the pain but it also erases the joy and every emotion felt in-between joy and pain.

Another aspect to consider is that you will no longer remember some things that you may hold dear. For example, I went to many awesome concerts with my ex husband and he introduced me to some bands that I still love to listen to today. The experience of owning our dog, Uno, would be gone too. The experience of seeing one of my exes play music in his bands and becoming friendly with his band mates would be lost. I think you get what I am saying here.

I would not erase a single memory of a person that I was in a relationship with in the past because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my past relationships have shaped a stronger better me. I’ve been with a couple of real nuts jobs. I can’t think of much I want to remember about one in particular. I would rather that I never met him and never experienced the two months that we had together. Yet, who would I be if I did not experience what I did with him? That time was quite awful. But, it was the next step in the direction of acting on my behalf to not take bad treatment from someone with a warped mind who wants to control me (a pattern that I fell into over and over again beginning with my first relationship).

Lastly, erasing the memories will erase some of your identity. The person who you have become as a result of the experience is changed from having had that experience. That identity has value. That person has gained freedom and growth having gone through the pain and come out on the other side of it.

Someday technology may be developed that will help us erase the memory of certain people from our minds. We can edit our genes by removing a gene then putting a new gene in it’s place. It’s very possible that we may see machines developed in our future that can erase the memories of someone from our mind. For now it is a hypothetical question. Still, it is an interesting one to ponder.

What do you think about it? Would you erase the memories of someone after a breakup so that you could move on quickly and not feel the pain of the breakup?

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Hippy Affirmation Day 24

I allow separateness as well as
togetherness in my relationship.

I allow separateness as well as togetherness in my relationship.The dream of most romantics including me is that a relationship is the solution to all your dreams of happiness. The romantic gets into a relationship feeling giddy and over the moon reveling in the togetherness. Not wanting the feeling to end they often cling to the person that they love. While relationships can be part of a happy life they certainly are not the be all end all of life. Discovering that a relationship needs both separateness and togetherness will go a long way in keeping the relationship together. This is because both people have room to breathe, room to be individuals and room to explore themselves and life.

The fascinating part of discovering this truth is that each person becomes even happier. And freedom to become keeps the relationship alive because each person keeps bringing something new to the relationship. Boredom is banished. Boredom can be a real relationship killer. Often, that’s what causes one partner to cheat on the other. It’s the newness and excitement of someone else that draws them away. The problem with this situation is that that boredom will surface again once the newness and excitement wears off. Then the whole damn cycle has to be gone through again.

Like the tree and the sky they exist together while also separate. Focus on a balance of both separateness and togetherness in your relationship. You’ll be glad that you did.

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